Fall/Winter 2017 : Ice Collection

Date : 02 November 2017




They are said to be icy, but let there be no mistake, the distance is only the fact of appearance: and even if she and he seek to mask desire, they both bubble up inside.
Structured short square and rebellious wick for her, silky undulations for him, nothing hides the beauty of the gesture: graphic, geometrical, with this force of movement that releases a crazy sensuality. 
One look and they're frozen for all eternity. The tender bite of their blood ice like the bewitching caress of a morning winter wind. 
"Cold, so cold" said the song. "Ice, so nice" responds to the purity of the moment.


Artistic Director : Yannick Kraemer
Hairdressers : Charline FRENAY, Pascale Sonzogni, Annie Walser, Kraemer Kor Eujin LEE, Cedric Valentin-Speich, LIMET J, Eric Speich, Pierre Adamczewski, Benjamin Stalter and Silvano DI GISI
Make up : Pascale SONZOGNI
Photographer : Line Brusegan