Matt Wax Fixing 4

Extra strong beeswax with silica, for plastic modelling. For more volume, for a sober look.
Directions for use : Spread well, use sparingly, modelling especially towards the hairline. Wash off. 

Capacity: 50ml  |   Price: 14.00 €

Dry wax fixation 3

- Shaping paste to style your hair, even fine hair, with complete freedom. To accentuate and shape your style, non-greasy.
- Directions for use: rub well between hands, use in small doses.
- Easily removed by rinsing 

Price: 14.00 €

Structuring cream Fixation 2

Texture cream, slight fixation.For very natural looks, does not harden.
Advice for use : Apply and shape to towel-dried or dry hair. Can be washed out.

Price: 14.00 €

Strong Lacquer fixation 5

- Hair spray for a very strong hold
- Directions for use: Spray sparingly and in a targeted manner.

Price: 0.00 €

Soft lacquer fixation 3

- Spray for natural hold, gives a silky shine.
- Directions for use: Spray sparingly and in a targeted manner. 

Price: 0.00 €

Lotion brushing forte fixation 4

- Hair Body builer for a strong and dynamic hold
- Strong fixing, optimal for setting in creases
- Spray evenly on towel-dried hair, particularly suitable for blow-drying with a round brush

Price: 0.00 €

Curly hair lotion fixation 3

Revitalizes hair without energy and gives it extra-gloss highlights
Advice for use : Spray on damp hair, style as desired. Air dry or blow dry.

Capacity: 200ml  |   Price: 17.00 €

Caribbean Wax Spray Fixation 3

Hair wax for medium fixation. For modelling and structuring.
Directions for use: Spread well, apply sparingly to towel-dried or dry hair. Can be washed out. 


Capacity: 150ml  |   Price: 14.00 €