Thick and indomitable hair: the right gestures

Date : 14 October 2020


Rebellious and undisciplined hair brings its share of daily worries but now has a routine adapted to tame the wildest manes. Frizz is untamable hair when it dries out or has to cope with humidity and heat. For every problem, there is a solution, thanks to the right gestures to tame the most rebellious manes. A look back at the right gestures to display smooth and silky hair.


I. Controlling the drying process

To control the volume of thick hair, the golden rule is to bet on a good blow dry that will guarantee a better discipline: the micro-fiber towel will be a good ally since it allows an express drying in addition to fighting frizz. In order to control volume, avoid direct heat, which will make the hair fiber swell, or dry it at a low temperature, simply using your fingers if you have to dry it, in order to structure it: the basic rule for specialists is to follow the nature of the hair in order to control it, not to dry it out or make it brittle.


II. Hydration and the right care

Essential active ingredient to show a pretty fall but also to prevent hair from swelling too easily: nourishing shampoos and care products, enriched with keratin, to sheath the hair fiber. Choosing targeted care products makes it possible to respond to the very nature of the hair: for example, choosing care products for curly hair, most often enriched with shea butter, will be ideal for beautifully redefining curls and limiting frizz. Nourishing therefore helps to control the most frizzy hair since sebum will have more difficulty accessing the lengths and ends, which is why these types of hair are generally the driest, most fragile and most damaged. Also make sure to limit too frequent shampoos that tend to strip the scalp and promote the appearance of frizz: a range of custom care products will be recommended in the salon to meet the specific needs of your hair.


III. The right cut

To tame overly voluminous and unruly hair, the right option will be to entrust it to your professional. He will be able to visualize the right length, thinning them with the sculptor chisel to control their volume or tapering them to lighten the hair mass.
However, short cuts will be more difficult to maintain, making daily styling more difficult. To make everyday life easier, opt for timeless hairstyles: high ponytails, fuzzy buns or other braids give a very feminine look and will tame even the thickest hair.