FALL WINTER 2014 - 2015 « Sweet Fight »


Sweet Fight,
Sweet Fight, the new man can't be hurt. With his great heart, he heals the wounds of his soul. Bye intimidation, and welcome to the modernity of feelings.
Sweet Fight, the man finally accepts himself : softness, tenderness and a very manly look, he varies his pleasures according to his mood.
Sweet Fight, hair in the wind, free on the top and with his hair styled on the back, cropped on the side.
The uncommon man, very classy, very clean !

Artistic director : Cédric VALENTIN
Hairdressers : Cédric VALENTIN, Eric SPEICH and Kevin ORIGAS
Make up : Emilie EVENO
Barber : Cédric VALENTIN
Photograph : Yannick VON GRABOWIECKI