FALL WINTER 2013-2014 « Black Bird »

Are there no more delicate words than these lines from a song composed by

Paul McCartney in 1968 to signify the difficulty of taking flight in life?

The combination of a form of harshness, expressed here in its deepest darkness ("Black"), and lightness, that of the bird ("Bird"),

are the strongly contrasting elements that inspired Kraemer's Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

The cuts alternate between short and long and focus on revealing the strength of faces, whose features are softened by the nuance of feelings.

These girls and boys are displayed in all their benevolent complexity:

in constant awakening and in phase with their time, these figures of the eternal youth express their share of audacity,

with energy and vitality.

Artistic director : Pascale Sanzogni
Hairdresser : Pascale Sanzogni
Photograph : Fabrice Keusch