L'hiver en boucles

Winter in curls

Placed high on the open nape of the neck or cascading down to the naked shoulder, the undulation like a delicate indiscretion.
With volumes adapted to her style, the glamorous woman fits in with her times and returns to the essence of herself: what she is, what she has never ceased to be, mischievous certainly, but willful.
In constant search of life, impulsive and totally irresistible. 


Free and natural, the loop relieves her in her choices.

The curl, an expression of freedom.
The curl, pledge of seduction.
The curl, manifesto of the moment.

Life in curls,
Like an eternal do-over. 


Artistic Director : Yannick KRAEMER
Photographer : Fabrice KEUSCH
Hairdressers : Pascale SONZOGNI, Pierre ADAMCZEWSKI and Eric SPEICH
Make up : Pascale SONZOGNI
Stylist : Boutique « Signe du temps » from Strasbourg