What could be more beautiful than a sunrise?
The promise of dawn is one that we try to keep throughout the day. To do so, we sometimes have to live up to our noblest ambitions. 
The Kraemer women's spring/summer collection makes a full contribution to this; it makes it easy to let go with mid-length squares and subtle hairstyles or longer hair, slightly wavy hair that lays gently on the body. 
The freshness of the morning finds its most beautiful expression there. Waking up is gentle, the day is getting ready. Surely, it will be beautiful and full of success. 


Artistic Director: Yannick KRAEMER
Hairdressers: Laura WENCKER, Lydia NICOLAS, Benjamin STALTER and Silvano DI GISI
Make up: Lydie IERACE
Photographer: Fabrice KEUSCH