Renaissance of our lives,

Ode to joy.


Light waves, daring bob haircuts and facetious braids, today’s heroines play with conventions and explore the new paths that open to them.


Springtime of our dream,

La Dolce Vita.


Mastered length, shiny materials and voluptuous layered cuts, the call of. The Sirens is irresistible: let’s not resist and succumb to their natural charm.


Youth, vitality,

Senses in motion.

Equipe Artistique 

Direction Artistique : Yannick Kraemer et Cédric Valentin-Speich 

Equipe Artistique : Lydia Nicolas, Eric Speich, Ludovic Dollé 

Photographe : Fabrice Keusch

Makeup : Mua Mile Mi

Stylisme : Lydia Coupé et Adeline Ziliox, Créatrice de Mode

Cinéaste : Félix Steinmetz