FALL WINTER 2020-2021 « REFLET »


Today's man reflects and scrutinizes his own majesty in the reflection. But he can only notice the difference between the image that he sends back of himself and the one that his immediate entourage receives. He is immediately reassured himself: he has never been so beautiful!


While he thinks he's in trouble,

Like the phoenix, he is reborn with his male conviction:

straight, right and so affirmed.


Exit the fantasy, the cuts are graphic and neat,

With a reasoned hairiness, he returns to a beautiful incarnation of himself.


Ready to face the uncertainty of his own destiny,

The modern man relies on the strengthened expression of the self.


Artistic Director : Eric Speich

Hairstylists : Lydia Nicolas, Eric Speich and Cédric Valentin

Make up : Emilie Eveno

Photographer : Steeve Josch