Out of chaos comes creation,

Darkness gives way to the light of dawn,

As a new hope for man.


The graphic approach of a layered American cut, the blur of a controlled length or the rippling of facetious curls lead to a variety of promising sensations.


The light seems to be strange –dark but shiny–, and the apocalypse happy.

It heralds the sensitive beginning of a generous spring.


Equipe Artistique 

Direction Artistique : Yannick Kraemer et Cédric Valentin-Speich 

Equipe Artistique : Lydia Nicolas, Eric Speich, Ahmad Baset 

Photographe : Alain Bearinz

Makeup : Mua Mile Mi

Stylisme : Algorithme La Loggia Strasbourg Concept Store

Cinéaste : Félix Steinmetz