Become a Franchisee

Within the Kraemer group, we are developing a franchise network based on a relationship of trust. As a franchisee, you benefit from all the advantages.

At Kraemer, you can :

- Take advantage of an internationally renowned brand name based on know-how
- Benefit from all the communication and marketing tools
- Participate in all the training actions necessary for your evolution
- Fully express your creative freedom within the group by participating in photo shoots
- Share common interests around the identity of a group that is created with you
At Kraemer, each partner is invited to participate in the development of the concept, based on technical know-how that constitutes a common foundation for the group's brand image.

In order to support you in the creation and management of your salon, we offer you a special assistance:

- Help in finding an ideal location
- Assistance in drafting and checking the commercial lease
- Assistance in negotiating with suppliers
- Help with the interior design of the salon

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